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STEM Education Blog: Nicole Trenholm- Field Scientist

It sounds like thunder

Exploratory research is a labor of love. If you had a choice to further science by developing the methods for an emerging study that directly monitors the influence of climate change, would you? We make it happen, aside of our limited time and resources before our big sea floor mapping project way up North we […]

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Final Education Blog of the 2015 Greenland Climate Project

Captain Matt and I are waiting out some stronger winds before heading back South to Sismut and finishing our work along the way. We are pretty comfortable on anchor hiding on the leeward side of Upernavik Island. Soon we will fuel up and get some food from a food market but we have to seek […]

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Expedition Blog: Matt Rutherford- Expedition Leader

Baffin Bay

We were only planning on being in Upernavik for 24 hours but things don’t always go as planned.  During an expedition of this nature problems are going to occur.  It could be anything from something on the boat breaking unexpectedly, scientific equipment malfunctioning, sickness or injury, etc.  You prepare for an expedition the best you […]

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Into the ice

It’s important to understand the rate (or speed) that a glacier travels. The faster a glacier is moving the more icebergs it will create. If a glacier is losing more ice than is being replenished it will thin out and recede.   So by understanding the rate of a glacier you can better understand the health […]

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