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STEM Education Blog: Nicole Trenholm- Field Scientist

We are on fire!

We are on fire! I am just thrilled that we are finally back to 24 hour operations in the ice, mapping Inglefield glacial fjord’s seafloor and comparing the subsurface temperatures lurking in front of the glaciers. I am kind of the boat’s fortune teller. I wake up every 5 hours for my watch and I […]

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We are only getting started!

There is more on my mind than just puppies and icebergs. Getting through Baffin Bay was a piece a cake except when I interpreted  the radar returns in heavy fog as scattered noise  and a wall of ice appeared  out of the mist. The marine debris trawl samples are always full of life but barren […]

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Expedition Blog: Matt Rutherford- Expedition Leader

Phase 2

Aasiaat is far from a metropolitan city but it feels like one at this point.  We have spent so much of our time in the far north that even basic luxuries seem extravagant.  For instance you can do laundry, which is something we haven’t done since May.  You can take a fresh water shower, it […]

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NASA, Etah and the Danish Navy

As I write this my hands are covered in oil and grime.  Nikki still has some oil on her face making her look more like a coal miner than a sailor.  We hardly notice after everything else we have been though. Since my last blog we had a good weather window and spent 10 days […]

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