Director & Expedition Leader: Matt RutherfordRutherford_4

Matt Rutherford is the first person in history to complete a non-stop, single-handed, voyage around North and South America. Rutherford left Annapolis, MD on June 2011 and traversed some of the most dangerous seas on Earth. During the first leg of his trek
, Rutherford broke a record by solo sailing the smallest boat in history through the Northwest Passage. Once through this northern passage, Rutherford sailed around the entire state of Alaska then south through the Pacific Ocean from North to South America to make his left-hand turn at storm-tossed Cape Horn and completing his record breaking journey in 309 days after sailing 27,077 miles at sea.   Matt’s Movie Here
Once Matt returned from his circumnavigation he immediately started working on starting a non-profit organization that would help scientists better understand the problems facing the oceans. Matt believes that no one person can do everything but everyone can do something. By creating Ocean Research Project,Matt plans to educate people about marine issues and give back to the earths oceans.


Program Director/Field Ops Scientist: Nicole Trenholmselfie3

Since January 2013,  Nicole Trenholm has been able to dedicate her life to explore the state of the ocean and encourage sustainable solutions by co-founding the Ocean Research Project.
Nicole coordinates  both science & education objectives of each project and acts as the Field Operations Scientist out in the field. Her background in hydrograpahic survey and Captain License support her responsibilities as 2nd in command.
Her love for sailing came full force after obtaining a Geology degree at Philadelphia’s LaSalle University in 2008 and after acting as a visiting deckhand and environmental educator to Tall Ship Schooners A. J. Meerwald and Virginia.