BRIAN ROBERTS- Vice Preseident


Brian Roberts

Brian Roberts is a Certified Public Accountant and Managing Member of Tax & Financial Services, L.L.C.  Roberts’ experience serving as Directors, Officers and Committee Chairs of several regional and local Not for Profits along with being an advisor in his professional practice is an asset to the Ocean Research Project.  In addition Roberts is passionate about preserving our natural resources as he is a Trout Unlimited Endorsed Licensed Fishing Guide, the founder of White Marlin Outfitters, and the Tournament Director of the Big Fish Classic Fishing Tournament.

TOM SPITZER- Treasurer

Tom Spitzer

Tom was born in Germany, grew up in Pa. and has lived up and down the East Coast. After spending four years in the Coast Guard he graduated from the University of New Hampshire with an EE degree.

Since then he has been with NASA, first at Kennedy, then at the Goddard Space Fight Center. He enjoys sailing and has been involved with Chesapeake Region Accessible Boating for many years in several different capacities. Some of his other interests are nature and metaphysics.


Jamin Greenbaum


Jamin Greenbaum's zest for researching the changing Arctic and Antarctic environment stems from his drive to take data then re-interpret it for society to recognize the need to plan on being steps ahead.  Jamin leads a post-doctorate assignment at University of Texas’s Institute of Geophysics using remote sensing drones. He received his M.S. in Aerospace Engineering at UT in 2006. He recognizes that by observing grounding line behavior of the major Antarctic ice streams we will be able to estimate the mass loss into the world’s oceans and the eventuality of global sea level change. Since 2007 Greenland and Antarctica have often been home for Jamin as he explores a multitude of aerial, satellite and oceanographic technology to unlock the un-noticed truth of our thawing dynamic planet.


Senator Tom Harkin

 Katie O'Malley

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston


Gary Jobson


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