MS Environmental Biology and Certificate in GIS Candidate: Nicole Trenholm

Tentative Course Plan 2016-2018

I understand all classes are not guaranteed to be offered during the following semesters. Acceptance to the fellowship may delay my first full-time semester at Hood. Below, I have a course plan to satisfy program requirements and potential deficiencies.

I recognize there may be some deficiencies in my undergraduate transcript so I have listed additional classes to take in addition to the MS and Certificate requirements. Though I took 3 lab based chemistry’s, 1 lab based biology, and a math my grades did not reflect my eventual passion for learning about the environment as I had not discovered my path at the time of enrollment in those classes. If Hood demands that I repeat those type of classes below are some preferred classes I believe would prepare me and pair well within the intended graduate track.

Additional pre-requisites courses preferred to take at Hood if deemed necessary:

  • Bio-348- Tropical Marine Ecology (note: I have been invited to work at a tropical fruit farmland in the Abacos on Manjack Key for a month this year and would love to pair this with the responsibilities of the Tropical Marine Ecology course. I had planned to study and potentially sample the coastal environment for the onslaught of marine debris amongst the mangroves, corals and washed up on the beaches. To pursue this opportunity, I would need to know if this undergraduate course could count as a Biology pre-requisite and if I can complete the course independent of routine class lecture and in the field.
  • Bio-119 Biology of Marine Organisms
  • Math 112- Applied Statistics- I did not receive a B in my undergraduate Math course and have identified this course as a practical math class to take at Hood to meet the needs for an academic understanding of statistics.
  • Chem-401 Environmental Chemistry-

Below is a tentative Graduate Schedule without delay from Fellowship participation and without my participation in summer 2017’s field season. Though this schedule shows me completing the program by Spring/Summer of 2008 the likelihood is that I will have to postpone a full-time semester or schedule a part-time semester dragging the program out to 3-4 years due to my responsibilities with Ocean Research Project. I will know 6 months in advance if I will be planning on full or part time semesters notifying the department of my objective to apply for a graduate assistantship for each year.

Fall 2018:


Tropical Marine Ecology (3)


Spring 2017: (Re-locate to Hood if not accepted to Fellowship)


Marine Ecology (3)


Biostatistics (3)


Pollution Biology (3)

Fall 2017:


Biology of Marine Organisms (4)


Into Envi Bio/Principles of Ecology (3)


Algal Systems & Exp Methods (1)


Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Identification (1)


Either Summer 2017 and/or Summer 2018:


Applied Statistics (3)


Tropical Marine Ecology (if cant take sooner) (3)


Intro to Aquaculture (3)


Intro to GIS (1)


Intro to GIS Analysis (1)


Sampling Aquatic Environment (1)


Fall 2018:


Research Design & Data Analysis (3)


Principles of Ecology (3)

578 or 577

Climate Change (3)


Spring 2018:


Natural Resource Management (3)


Independent Research (3)


Semesters with 9 credits or more I would apply for Graduate Assistantship opportunities to allow me to support tuition costs and to help me better meet my graduate study objectives. I will be excited to know how well my preferred study plan meets Hood’s requirements.