Matt Rutherford’s CV

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Executive Director

Ocean Research Project Inc. 501c3

Annapolis, MD

Mobile: +1 410-999-7638


Summary of Experience and Qualifications

Mr. Rutherford is an expert in offshore sailing expeditions, since 2004 he has logged over 90,000 nautical miles, with 42,000 single handed. Matt holds multiple Guinness world records as the first man to sail solo non-stop around the Americas and through the Northwest Passage in 2011. Since 2012, Matt acts as an ambassador for the wellbeing of the planet’s oceans and launched a non-profit organization, Ocean Research Project, envisioned to conduct ocean science, education and exploration. As the founding director, Matt manages the development of his organization, developing projects that will help society better understand the relationship between man and the sea. In 2013 and 2014, Matt led two research expeditions in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans conducting large-scale surveys on the effects of plastic pollution. In between international offshore research expeditions, Matt leads his team in local Chesapeake Bay research pursuits, manages vessel maintenance responsibilities, is often called upon to present for multimedia requests as an international professional speaker and writer.

Ocean Research Project

Executive Director/Captain; 2012- Present

Oversees all aspects of the management of the non-profit organization and its assets. Leads scientific expeditions for a better understanding of the relationship between man and our planet’s oceans. Oversees Programs of Science, Education and Explorations.


  • May 2013, 80 Day, Ocean Plastic Pollution and Toxicity Survey in North Atlantic Gyre
  • September 2013, Rappahannock River Oyster Habitat Side Scan Survey
  • April 2014, 65 Day, Trans- Pacific Plastic Pollution Survey
  • August 2015, Bay-Wide Biotelemetry Survey

Rutherford Enterprises LLC.

Multi-media Artist, Freelance Boat Technician, Offshore Sailing Consultant; 2010- Present

Over 70 talks internationally and nationally discussing ocean issues and offshore sailing topics to both maritime, scholastic, and maritime community Contract boat technician on boat refit support and consultant for offshore sailboat preparation.


  • Tedx Talks: 2013 Jacksonville, FL and 2012 in Chestertown, MD
  • Boat Writer’s International Contest Winner for Cruising World Feature Article 2012
  • Instructional Seminars: US Annapolis Boat Show 2012/2013/2014, Port Townsend Sailing Symposium Keynote 2013, Strictly Sail Pacific Sail America Boat Show 2014
  • Alaska Forum for the Environment 2015: Keynote Speaker

Endurance Yacht Deliveries

      Delivery Captain and Crew; 2006- Present

Captain and crew on dozens passages about the United States, Mexico, and Caribbean Ocean.

Awards & Certificates

  • House of Representatives 2012
  • Senate 2012
  • Maryland Governor 2012
  • (2) Guinness Book of World Records 2014
  • Annapolis Naval Sailing Association 2012
  • West River Yacht Club 2012
  • International Ocean Cruising Club, Jester Award 2012, Special Merit Award 2012
  • Chesapeake Regional Accessible Boating (CRAB) Award 2012
  • Albin Vega Club Association Club 2012


  • Boat Maintenance for Chesapeake Regional Accessible Boating (CRAB) Annapolis, MD  2010-2012


  • Eagle Rock School; Graduated 2000
    • Excellence Awards: 1999 and 2000