We believe that while no one can do everything, everyone can do something. At Ocean Research Project, we are dedicated to gathering scientific data that enables the improved characterization of our global oceans and coastal areas. Through open source distribution of our scientific data, informative and entertaining documentaries we will support  academic and federal partners  as a contributor that facilitates the advancement of a  unified approach to address critical marine issues while simultaneously empowering all people to act as citizen scientists on behalf of one of our greatest resources: our oceans.

Equipped with a team of expert scientists and sailors, we embark on expeditions to some of the world’s most dynamic parts of the ocean. The expeditions are carried out on a sailboat which is outfitted in a manner conscious of economical practicality yet environmentally-friendly to perform as a mobile research and observation station. Our scientific data and audiovisual educational mediums are used for several purposes.

1) To supplement and cooperate with existing efforts that aid in the characterization and monitoring of our changing ocean’s physical condition.

2) To feed the national and international atmospheric and oceanic modeling databases that depicts current and future interpretations of the state of our oceans and atmosphere consequently supporting mariner’s safety at sea

3) To provide marine issue awareness through social and traditional media and to establish a window to allow crowd source interaction to develop our contribution

4) To share our scientific data with not only reputable academic and government organizations such as NOAA but to the general public through open source data portals