Marine Debris Pollution Research

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Anne Arundel County STEM middle students interacted with our team as they crossed the ocean by creating a co-written BLOG. The task was to inform others about problems with plastics in the oceans and possible solutions. To read blog click Here!
Read Matt's  BLOG from our marine debris expeditions! Click here and Nicole's STEM Ed Blog Here.



Ocean Research Project - North Atlantic Gyre

6,800 nautical mile survey route

Focus:  Plastic Pollution Survey

A  plastic debris survey was conducted  beginning on the eastern edge of the North Atlantic Gyre using standardized methods to generate a dataset to add to the global understanding of how much marine plastic is on the ocean's surface and to explore further just how plastic threatens marine life and human health. This project was run in collaboration with the 5 Gyres Institute. Samples have been found to contain persistent organic pollutants (POPs) such as PCB’s, pesticides, and fire retarndents by University of Tokyo’s International Pellet Watch Program.


DSC_0027 (2)

Trawl Sample yields Plastic Pieces in Sieve